Monday, 12 December 2011

Types of Water Coolers used in Homes & Offices:

No doubting the fact that water coolers go for and play a vital role in keeping body healthy along with providing clean water for you for the purpose of drinking. Water Cooler is one of such type of equipment that can go for and provide you with clean drinking water along with dispensing water as well. The importance of water coolers can be judged from this fact the you would be able to find them available in homes, offices, airports, shopping mall, train stations and all major places. In short these water coolers can simply be called as dispensers.

Wall Mounted Water Coolers:
These water mounted water cooler are the most common form of water coolers that are most widely used. These types of water cooler are connected to the main water supply along with requiring a connection to access of electricity for refrigeration and being able to provide cool drinking water. These types of water coolers have a chilled container that is able to provide you with clean and chilled drinking water. Water can be availed from these containers by just a single press of a spring which once pressed releases water. There is no need what so ever in order to wait for the water to come out as it’s already stored with in side inside in the container.

Bottled Water Coolers:
Well these are the old form of water coolers that directly run over the municipal water supply.  As with in the current times more emphasis is given to pure and filtered drinking water hence a new free standing design of bottled waters is used. With use of such water coolers the bottle is placed up side down on the spout of the dispensing machine. The size of such water coolers depends upon the table units. You might be able to find these types of water coolers available with various sizes. The largest version of such water cooler can hold a bottle up to only 5 gallons. One can go for and choose the size of the water bottle required depending on the needs and requirements of a person.